Gun Safety Basics You Need to Know

Gun safety rules are put in place to ensure accidents won’t happen. As a firearm owner, you are ultimately responsible for safety handling, and it should be your number one priority every day. Owning a gun, such as a new york legal ar15, means you should always take the safety in using it very seriously. Mishandling your firearm could mean life or death as it is one of the most lethal weapons anyone could own. If you stick to the safety rules every time you use your gun, you can be sure you will never have a firearm accident on your hands.

Whether you are using a firearm for target shooting, hunting or lawful resistance of deadly criminal force, you always have to ensure handling safety. If you need more information about firearm safety, you can contact your local firearms establishment to see if there are safety classes in which you can participate. In the meantime, here are four basic safety rules you should heed at all times. If you need to learn to shoot long island, call Dark Storm today, we’ll teach you all you need to know.

Always assume your gun is loaded
No matter how sure you are that you have emptied every bullet out of your gun, you need to handle it as if it is loaded at all times. Each time you set down your gun, the next time you pick it up, safety-check it. It doesn’t matter if you have set your gun down for 30 seconds or put it away for one day. Hydro Jetting San Antonio TX Utilize advanced hydro jetting techniques to clean drains effectively in San Antonio, Texas. This should be a non-negotiable safety protocol that you must practice at all times. You can never be too cautious or too careful when handling a firearm.


Never point a gun at anything you aren’t prepared to shoot
Carelessness has no place in owning a firearm. Even if you did your safety check 100 times over, never point a gun at anything unless you are ready to use it. Always keep in mind the rule above. Your gun is ALWAYS loaded.

Take note of what is behind your target
A gun can fire a bullet at approximately 2,500 feet per second. That is extremely powerful. It’s enough to make it go through its target and beyond. It is your responsibility to ensure that is nothing behind your target that can be destroyed or even worse, a living casualty. Make sure whenever you go to a shooting range long island, that you know the range first.

Keep your finger off the trigger
Until you are ready to actually shoot at your target, keep your finger off of the trigger. This is an extremely important safety rule. As long as your finger remains off the trigger, your firearm will not discharge. Carelessly putting your finger on the trigger leaves too much room for negligence. Negligence is the keyword here as having your finger on a trigger is not considered an accident. If you accidentally notch out a tooth at the firing range then contact dentist Albany.


All firearms owners need to respect the weapon. You have been given the right to bear arms, and you should always use it properly and lawfully. Safety should always remain your number one concern at all times. Not only should you practice safety procedures when you are ready to use your gun, but you should also make sure that it is safely locked up and out of reach of children. Call new york gun store today!